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Aquarial is Socaf’s line of evaporative coolers.

Logo Socaf Environmental quality to improve production has been Socaf’s philosophy for over thirty-five years.

Since 1982, Socaf has been offering machines, products, and services to meet all needs for improving environmental quality in work spaces. Cleanliness, liveability, and hygiene are determining factors for achieving productivity and quality goals for both industries as well as logistics centres or public facilities . For this reason, Socaf has also been involved in cooling work spaces since 2004 with the Aquarial line of evaporative coolers, resolving the problem of high temperatures in environments in which air conditioning cannot be installed, with ecological and low installation and operating costs.

The Aquarial line of evaporative coolers allow constant air exchange, even with doors and windows open, cleaning the environment of smoke, dust, odours, and noxious fumes. All this contributes to improving productivity, making the work environment more pleasant.

Every company, of any sector or size, can count on Socaf’s extensive experience. Socaf serves over 30,000 customers with consulting, services, and quick on-site support, with a continuously updated range of the best technological solutions from throughout the world.

Aquarial creates custom services for specific needs. We offer expert consulting, technical support on every Aquarial cooling system, custom financial solutions, system rental, and used system assessments.

Aquarial also offers a toll-free number with technical support for suggestions and to help customers resolve any problems with their Aquarial evaporative coolers.


Cosa offre Aquarial?

Preliminary analysis

We will define your cooling needs together through a survey of your locations.

Design and installation

We will design the best solution for you and install it using high safety standards.

After sale support

We are available after the installation for support and routine and extraordinary maintenance.

Industry 4.0

Using a dedicated app, you can monitor the cooler and control it remotely.

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