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With Aquarial coolers you can ensure cool and clean air where you want and for how long you want it. Cooler rentals offer a flexible solution with low commitment.

Don’t have enough space to store a machine during the winter and need to rent air conditioners only when needed? Do you need to organise a reception and don’t want your guests to suffer? Have you prepared an event that lasts only a few days and don’t want to purchase a machine that you won’t use in the future? Would you like to try out the technology but don’t know if it will work in your environment? Do you have a temporary need and you want to fill it with a flexible solution by renting portable air conditioners?

Aquarial cooler rentals is the truly versatile solution that allows you to solve all heat problems in the summer without committing yourself for the long term. Aquarial offers rental solutions that range from a few days to the entire summer season and is valid for all portable and mobile coolers included in the line.

All the benefits of renting

From the financial point of view, renting coolers does not require a down payment, just a fixed fee. The tax benefits involve the lack of depreciation and complete deductibility of the fees. As for management, no property expenses are due, and the machinery is perfectly maintained and replaced at the end of the contract


Benefits of evaporative cooling


Purchase, installation, and management costs are up to 10 times less than traditional air conditioning systems. Significant savings of water and electricity.


Cooling takes advantage of the natural principle of water evaporation. It does not use liquid coolants or gases that are harmful to the environment and does not waste water and electricity.


The Aquarial system is the solution created to beat the extreme heat. It makes environments comfortable and reliable, for well-being, productivity, and quality of life.

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