Fixed Cooler AQU 18.000 I/L/S

The AQU 18.000 I/L/S is the spearhead of the Aquarial industrial fixed cooler line. It is part of the line designed for large work spaces with high summer temperatures and the need for frequent air exchanges.

It has 1,100 W of power and consumes 15-20 litres of water per hour. It cools the entire work space or specific areas of the industrial building, through the installation of one or more machines. The AQU 18.000 I/L/S fixed cooler has a programmable thermostat and humidistat, wall-mounted LCD control panel, remote control, overload protection system, programmable timer, and automatic draining and cleaning of panels.

Aquarial offers the possibility to create turnkey fixed systems, calibrated based on the specific needs of each customer, with the installation of diffusers, complete ducting, and possible extractors, depending on the cubic area to be cooled, the specific industry, and the number of openings available.

Besides lowering the indoor temperature up to 10° compared to outside, Aquarial fixed coolers make the work environment healthier and more productive thanks to continuous air exchange and filtering. When the temperature inside the work environments becomes overly hot, work becomes problematic for both the machinery and the employees, with negative effects on both productivity and staff safety. The need to handle large volumes of air, to have doors and windows open, and the excessive installation and management costs often make traditional air conditioning systems inconvenient. Aquarial fixed coolers, custom designed for your activity, are the most innovative, ecological, and economical solution to reduce the temperature inside work spaces. In fact, Aquarial coolers both cool and filter the air, simply taking advantage of the natural principle of evaporation: the hot air is extracted, passes through wet filters, which reduce the temperature and fine dust, and is reissued into the environment, both cooler and purified.

With €2 a day you will have a continuous fresh air exchange, at a savings of over 10 times that of traditional air conditioning systems.

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Benefits of evaporative cooling


Purchase, installation, and management costs are up to 10 times less than traditional air conditioning systems. Significant savings of water and electricity.


Cooling takes advantage of the natural principle of water evaporation. It does not use liquid coolants or gases that are harmful to the environment and does not waste water and electricity.


The Aquarial system is the solution created to beat the extreme heat. It makes environments comfortable and reliable, for well-being, productivity, and quality of life.

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