Portable and mobile coolers


Portable and mobile coolers Aquarial

Aquarial portable coolers are the efficient, economical, and ecological solution for localized cooling of indoor or outdoor spaces. They do not need installation, are ready for use, and can be positioned and transported easily.

The portable coolers are AQU 4.001 M, AQU 5.000, AQU 8.000 M, AQU BIG 13M and AQU BIG 18M. They have different sizes and features to meet the specific needs of each work, household, or entertainment environment, whether indoors or outdoors.

Aquarial portable coolers are equipped with a wall-mounted LCD control panel, remote control, programmable thermostat and humidistat, programmable time, automatic water draining, and cleaning system upon shutdown.

Aquarial portable coolers are immediately operational. You can choose the most convenient system for your needs, your space, and your budget. Ecologically cool your summer, with purchased or rented, for individual events or the entire season.

Cool everywhere with Aquarial portable coolers

With a large tank for long autonomy, Aquarial portable coolers are ideal for cooling work islands, individual machines, and products subject to overheating.

Portable coolers are also the ideal alternative to traditional air conditioning systems for commercial operations such as bars, restaurants, pizzerias, patios, or household environments. Aquarial portable coolers are also efficient in completely open areas such as locations for events, parties, and receptions as well as beaches, gardens, and sports arenas.

Aquarial offers you complete and custom service: expert consulting, technical support, custom financial solutions, system rental, and used equipment assessment. There is a toll-free number available with technical support to help you resolve any problem.

Stay cool, Aquarial will take care of the rest.


Benefits of evaporative cooling


Purchase, installation, and management costs are up to 10 times less than traditional air conditioning systems. Significant savings of water and electricity.


Cooling takes advantage of the natural principle of water evaporation. It does not use liquid coolants or gases that are harmful to the environment and does not waste water and electricity.


The Aquarial system is the solution created to beat the extreme heat. It makes environments comfortable and reliable, for well-being, productivity, and quality of life.

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