Why Aquarial

Immediate benefits on the environmental microclimate

Air recycling reduce viral load

Already with 15 air recycles, the Ministry of Health estimates a removal of 99.9% of gaseous pollutants every 20 minutes

Get ready for summer work

Don't let those who have to work in the hottest months suffer from the heat

Reduce Working Stress

Enjoy your fresh air for a wholesome and healty workplace


Number 1 in Italy

Aquarial is based on the consolidated experience of Socaf SpA. For over 15 years Aquarial positioned itself as the leading brand in the evaporative cooling sector. The company has over 2,000 satisfied customers and more than 700 fixed cooling systems distributed in Italy.

Fixed Coolers

The ecological, economical, and innovative solution for cooling and cleaning the air in medium and large locations.

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Mobile Coolers

The most efficient system for localized cooling of indoor or outdoor areas, ready for use and transportable.

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Benefits of evaporative cooling


Purchase, installation, and management costs are up to 10 times less than traditional air conditioning systems. Significant savings of water and electricity


Cooling takes advantage of the natural principle of water evaporation. It does not use liquid coolants or gases that are harmful to the environment and does not waste water and electricity.


The Aquarial system is the solution created to beat the extreme heat. It makes environments comfortable and reliable, for well-being, productivity, and quality of life.


What does Aquarial offer?

Preliminary analysis

We will define your cooling needs together through a survey of your locations.

Design and installation

We will design the best solution for you and install it using high safety standards.

After sale support

We are available after the installation for support and routine and extraordinary maintenance.

Industry 4.0

Using a dedicated app, you can monitor the cooler and control it remotely.


Within 7 days of order

Aquarial fixed coolers are the economical and ecological solution for cooling and cleaning the air in large manufacturing environments, even with doors and windows open.

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