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Fixed coolers Aquarial

Aquarial industrial fixed coolers are the economical, ecological, and innovative solution for cooling and cleaning the air in medium to large environments, even with doors and windows open.

AQU Windows, AQU 18.000 I/L/S, and AQU 30.000 I are the three Aquarial industrial fixed coolers designed to cool environments from 100 to 400 m2, with a noise level below 78 dB, maximum consumption of 25-30 litres/hour of water, and overall cost of €2 per day.

Aquarial industrial coolers cool and filter the air using the natural principle of evaporation. The hot air is extracted and passes through wet filters that lower its temperature, returning cool and clean air with no odours or germs.

Custom industrial fixed cooling systems

Aquarial can create custom systems for you based on your needs. We install diffusers, ducting, and extractors, if necessary, depending on the cubic area to be cooled, the application sector, and the available openings.

With Aquarial industrial fixed coolers you can choose to install one or more machines for localized cooling of specific areas of the industrial building, production sectors, or machinery, without having to consider the entire surface area.

Aquarial offers you complete and custom service: expert consulting, technical support, custom financial solutions, system rental, and used equipment assessment. There is a toll-free number available with technical support for suggestions or to help you resolve any problem.

Why choose an Aquarial fixed cooling system

With Aquarial industrial fixed coolers, every environment will always have cool and sanitised air. You will be complying with the standards for health and safety in the workplace and increase the well-being of the individuals as well as their productivity, at low cost.

Especially during hot weather, the high temperature creates an unbearable microclimate. Traditional air conditioning systems are inadequate in treating large areas because they do not allow the environment to be kept open. There are also high installation, operation, and management costs.

Aquarial fixed wall-mounted and roof-mounted coolers can cool and renew the air in industrial buildings, warehouses, other buildings, craft workshops, storage areas, sports arenas, exhibit halls, and shopping centres.

Thanks to the low installation, management, and operating costs, Aquarial industrial fixed coolers are the most economical, ecological, and innovative choice for cooling your summer.


Benefits of evaporative cooling


Purchase, installation, and management costs are up to 10 times less than traditional air conditioning systems. Significant savings of water and electricity.


Cooling takes advantage of the natural principle of water evaporation. It does not use liquid coolants or gases that are harmful to the environment and does not waste water and electricity.


The Aquarial system is the solution created to beat the extreme heat. It makes environments comfortable and reliable, for well-being, productivity, and quality of life.

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